Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Can someone tell me where 2013 went? It's December? What? Like they say 'time flies when you're having fun'.  It's been another year of learning and growing for me.   Running a small business requires you to wear a lot hats, but I'm always reminding myself that the overall goal is to be in a constant state of progress.  I also find that "baby" goal setting helps keep me on track and doesn't overwhelm me.  I look back at what my goals were for 2013, and I feel really good about what I've accomplished so far.  Progress, indeed. 

I once read that it's the little extra effort you put in each day that equals the big payoff.  You can make really big things happen when you have a clear idea of what you want.  But you have to define your goals specifically. You can't be vague. Then each day you actually have to put energy toward that specific goal if you truly expect a result.  It's common sense really.  The cool thing is we're talking about a few minutes.  This year I wanted to create many new client relationships.  So each day I took about 15 minutes, and researched production companies in a different city and contacted them.  That wasn't too hard.  And guess what?  I have quite a few new relationships.  I also wanted to be more organized.  So I created a daily checklist for myself.  At the end of each day I cruise through it.  And, presto!  I'm more organized.  I also wanted to start getting more daily exercise.  So I found a walking buddy, (thanks Kirissa) and I force myself to get up at 5:45 Monday through Friday and get a 1 hour power walk in each morning before I start my workday.  These are three examples of changes I made in 2013.  Am I getting results?  You bet I am.  And these are only 3 examples!  

I've discovered that big changes truly come from the little, dedicated steps we take every day.  The 10% of awesomeness required really isn't that difficult.  We owe it to ourselves to do it.  As I grow my business and voice over career I keep myself on track with these little tweaks so I can continue the progress.  Progress feels so good.  The other great news is that you don't have to wait until 2014 to start.  Do yourself a favor and start right now.  What's one little change you can make?  You got this.  Like I said, "baby goals."  They grow up fast and become big accomplishments in no time. 


  1. Baby goals! I love that. Again, you have inspired me Melissa. Thanks for this!!

  2. Melissa, you are such an inspiration and cherished by all that have the honor and pleasure to be associated with you that you truly are the one and only "SuperVOgirl" You are amazing and as Dustin stated, inspire us all to strive to be the very best we can be. Thank you coach!